Teen Bedrooms As Their Private Quarters

Of all the creatures on this magnificent planet there is perhaps none more odd and difficult to understand than the human teenager. A teen’s day is spent at a place of learning where a few brave adults risk their sanity in an attempt to impart wisdom on mostly deaf ears. It is here where the teen’s social structure is formed, each one looking for a pack to run with, looking for acceptance.

Upon returning home after a day of social jockeying and learning, the teen commonly barricades him or herself in their private quarters and is often not seen until they get hungry. It is not known what exactly takes place during this time.In many cases, loud music can be heard coming from the teen’s quarters, while other times lengthy telephone conversations – with other teens they just spent the entire day with – can be faintly heard.

The teen’s private quarters are their sanctuary from the outside world. Teen’s bedroom is a place where they can escape the rigors of the aforementioned social jockeying and the prying questions of nosy parents. While it has yet to be scientifically proven, studies have shown that the furnishings surrounding the teen in their private quarters have a direct influence on their overall demeanor and success. While a teen’s bedroom is often cluttered and messy, it is often not the intent of the teen, nor is it their fault. Shortages of storage areas and shelves can drive even the cleanest of teens to have stacks of school books and clean clothing piled or strewn haphazardly around the floor.

There are a few solutions to this epidemic. Beds with under-bunk drawers and bookshelf headboards can add invaluable storage, while a compact corner desk is ideal for giving teens a place to store their books and school supplies, even if very little studying actually occurs. Parents need only remember that a teen with an organized bedroom is, generally speaking, a happier teen, and is more prone to intermingling with the rest of the family.









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